Pacific Emotion: A Mixtape

Set sail on the neon-lit waters of Pacific Emotion with a shockingly smooth collection of wide-eyed disco, shimmering ballads and so much slap bass you might just slap back.

DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE and my artwork here.

You can download previous mixtapes here:

Vol.1: A Whole Bowlful of Soulful Vocals

Vol.2: Too Much Class

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Side A

01 – Intro

02 – R U READY – Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One

03 – Dance, Dance, Dance – Marta Acuna

04 – Say Goodbye – Hiroshi Satoh

05 – Living Without Your Love – The Imperials

06 – Art Dimension – Soma Holiday

Side B

07 – Shooting Star of Love (Part One) – Minako Yoshida

08 – Shinzo No Tobira – Mariah

09 – ‘Cause I’m A Man – Tame Impala

10 – Dirty Love – Bagarre

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My Rejected Secret 7″ Submission

Secret 7″ is “an annual event that combines music and art for a good cause”. 7 tracks from 7 different musicians provide the inspiration for 7″ sleeve designs. Chosen submissions from thousands of designers and artists from around the world are produced, exhibited and sold—with proceeds supporting a different charity each year.

My submission was inspired by Digital Witness by St.Vincent. The central image was created by scanning the reflective surface of a compact disc while slowly moving the CD across the scanning bed. It was rejected.

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You Betcha!

The cards I designed over the holidays for friends and collaborators have been a surprise hit on several blogs over the past few months—including a mention on FormFiftyFive back in January. Thanks to everyone for the interest.

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Too Much Class: A Mixtape

Just in time for your holiday parties comes the second installment of the Vitae mixtape series. Too Much Class weaves a rich tale of power-pop jangle, moody new-wave thump and a French band telling you how cool they are. Which — apparently — is too cool to show up at your dumb party.

It’s a lean collection, clocking in at just 10 tracks and 37 minutes. But what it lacks in length, it makes up for in class.

DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE and my artwork here.

You can download my other mixtapes here:

Vol.1: A Whole Bowlful of Soulful Vocals

Vol.3: Pacific Emotion

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Side A

01 – Lookin’ For The Magic – Dwight Tilley Band

02 – Starry Eyes – The Records

03 – This Is Japan – Jack Green

04 – Hey Little Girl – Icehouse

05 – Souvenir Souvenir (Part One) – Kuruki

Side B

06 – Call It Mine – The Saints

07 – Dancing With Myself – Fingerprintz

08 – Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood – Dogs

09 – She’s Artistic – The Photos

10 – Say You Will – Blanket Of Secrecy

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Star Trek Stills

I was a HUGE Star Trek fan as a kid, which brought with it exactly what you’d expect — conventions, junior novelizations, crippling shame…

After years of distancing myself from that world, I recently revisited The Original Series. It offers just the right mix of brilliant art direction, — look at those colours! — over-the-top acting and bizarro plots (Abraham Lincoln on the bridge?). Below are some examples of what makes the show so great.











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Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

Here’s a bit of insight into the design of Yes Nice’s recently released Warm Gun album. Warm Gun is a loaded title. A lot of associations come to mind (White Album? A trip to the salon?), so the challenge was to make a unique visual statement and find a direction that matched the spirit of Yes Nice’s music. Think Talking Heads and Hansa-era Bowie mixed with the smooth harmonies of Hall and Oates. I believe the outcome is warm and vibrant, with an underlying artificiality — much like the album itself.

At the time I was approached to design the album in July of 2012*, I was living in Stockholm, Sweden. Coming from beige Canada, it was hard to ignore the rich colour palette everywhere I looked — especially in the architecture. I absorbed these colours and captured them in the budget (trans. tinfoil) photo studio in my Frejgatan apartment with the assistance of Jennifer Griffiths. Have a look and listen below:


*I had to wait a full year for this to come out!

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A Whole Bowlful of Soulful Vocals: A Mixtape

With the launch of the new site, I thought a celebratory mixtape was in order. No air horns, no whistles — just a collection of deep soul, funk, afrobeat and a few surprises in between.

In a small way, this is influenced by fond memories of listening to DJs Rob Faust and Sideshow Sid on CJSW radio as a teenager in Calgary.

Turn it up and enjoy!

Download the FREE mixtape and my artwork here.

You can download my other mixtapes here:

Vol.2: Too Much Class

Vol.3: Pacific Emotion

– –


Side A

01 – Intro

02 – Mommy And Daddy – Unique Blend

03 – Give Me Your Love – The Sisters Love

04 – You Don’t Have To Worry – Doris and Kelley

05 – Akulalwa Esoweto – Mgababa Queens

06 – Omo Yen Wu Mi – Shadow Abraham with Mono Mono Friends

07 – The Best Girls Don’t Always Win – Betty Wright

08 – In The Ghetto – Paul Ngozi

Side B

09 – Hell’s Gate – Shinichi Tanabe

10 – I Get Lifted – George Mccrae

11 – Good Man – Raphael Saadiq

12 – Give The Beggar A Chance – MonoMono

13 – Zadie Bobo – Ernesto Djédjé

14 – Caught You In A Lie – Robert Parker

15 – We Love The Beatles – The Pebbles

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